About Me

phren v

Hello! I am a university lecturer in the area of modern foreign languages and my lifelong passion is photography.
I mainly shoot landscapes, seascapes and nature, rather straightforward subjects since I love hiking, climbing, mountaineering and all things related. Unfortunately though, I am pretty lazy and I don’t particularly enjoy waking up early, my golden hour is one per day: the sunset one (thus my pictures are strictly after down). I am also a pixel peeper of course, so I do enjoy the occasional lens/sensor test.

You can find my photos also on:

…and buy them on stock photography websites:

And you can contact me at xexets AT gmail DOT com .

Please note that all the pictures on this website, and the above Flickr, VSCOGrid, Viewbug and 500px are subject to copyright. I am very happy to grant free use (appropriately credited) of any image for non-commercial purposes, so please contact me if you are interested. For commercial or exclusive use, write me. I am also more than happy to sell art prints (on archival paper or canvas) of any of my images, please write me for a quote.
At the moment I shoot with:

  • Sony A7RII
    • Zeiss 4/24-70 FE
    • Zeiss 2.8/35 FE
    • Zeiss 4/16-35 FE
    • Zeiss 1.8/55 FE
    • Sony 4/70-200 FE
    • Rayon DCR-250
    • Nissin i40 speedlight
    • Sony HVL-F20M
  • Leica M3 double stroke
    • Leica Leitz 2/50mm summicron collapsible
  • Iphone 6.

XeXe - View my most interesting photos on Flickriver

XeXe - View my recent photos on Flickriver


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I recently scrolled upon your “Angus and the Beercan (and a dove)” photo, after a friend’s cow gave birth to a white angus. Scribing your words “Angus and the Beercan (and a dove)….. Strictly After Dawn!” across your photo made for an elegant piece. May a share it on my friend’s Facebook post?


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