Cuillin progress update #3

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So now that training's out of the way (I trained three times, should be more than enough right?) time to review equipment.

Starting bottom to top. Item number 1. Boots.


… probably not.
I can't even read the Vibram logo anymore.

But new boots = blisters (and sadness, depression, feeling of loss, and guilt, and displacement, and general anxiety and therefore insomnia, and headaches, IBS etc. They've been with me more than ten years, I can't just toss them away, it would be heartless).

After all they sustained me in the snow

They took me to Val Rosandra (countless times)

They led me through Vie Ferrate

They didn't even flinch on the Jof di Montasio!

Not to mention that they took me to the top of Yosemite

And the Grand Canyon

And this is just to mention a few of the places they took me.

See? Can't throw them away.

So off they go to Lancashire via next day delivery for some well deserved TLC.

Have a safe trip loyal boots, see you next week – if I recognise you!
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