Wildlife at the Rifugio Corsi

dsc04783-copy Rifugio Corsi, Sella Nevea, Julian Alps [a7rii, FE 16-35]

First close encounter with wildlife: Stefan's indefinitely wild cats. 🙂 Behind them the amphitheatre right above the Corsi. From left to right: Jof Fuart, Alta Madre dei Camosci, Torre della Madre dei Camosci, Innominata and the beginning of Riofreddo [a7rii, FE 16-35]

dsc04878-copy Chamois and pup right under the 'Mother of the Chamois' peak. Poetic. [a7rii, FE 70-200, insane crop]

Alpine Ibex and pup, characteristically climbing with ease while the human climber stares jealously. [a7rii, FE 70-200, acceptable crop]

dsc04862-copy Jumping from steep rock to steep rock. Now that's just not fair. [as above]

Alpine Ibex pup and watchful mum [as above, but insane crop]

Pregnant ibex decides time's up and charges us right after this picture. Message received. [as above, normal crop]

Ibexes charge, indefinitely wild cats purr. Decided I was better off with them 😉 [a7rii, FE 16-35]img_1058-copy Little detail kindly given me by Stefan at the Rifugio Corsi: Report of the first ascent of the Cima del Vallone (pictured below) in 1890, by Julius Kugy and my Great grandad Albert Bois de Chesne! I was genuinely moved. Thanks Stefan! I guess I know where I'm heading next summer.

Rifugio Corsi and its peaks from Passo degli Scalini. There is a deep gully/col right above the Corsi, Cima del Vallone is the tallest peak to the right of that gully.


A huge thanks to Marco for taking me to the Corsi, to the manager there Cristiano and to the awesome staff of the hut, Luca and Stefan, have a great winter, and I'll see you next summer to summit Jof Fuart and Cima Vallone!


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