Flowers with Fujifilm x100s

This past weekend I had the pleasure of taking part to and the honour of shooting the bachelor party of one of my best friends and the Fujifilm X100s served me very well. I am in no position of writing a review for it, but in due time I will share my thoughts about this little beauty.

For the time being, I know this has been said already, but this is really a great camera. Image quality might not be the best of the best, highlights sometimes tend to have water colouring effects, AF is awesome but not incredible, etc. Still, it is impressively pleasant to shoot with it, and the JPGs that come out of it are really satisfying. At the same time, I’ve noticed it with the pics from the bachelor party, RAF raw files are immensely versatile. Sure, Lightroom 5.4 still has some issues sharpening them, but the latitude they retain, the grain they produce and the rendering of colours is impressively pleasant. I would not say stellar, I would say pleasant. That’s the beauty of the X100S in my opinion: it is an incredibly pleasant camera to use, which produces very pleasing results. In comparison the A7R (ok, it’s like comparing apples to oranges I know, but still) is a completely opposite experience: I am pretty nervous when I use it, I am never sure it locks focus precisely (it’s me of course, AF on the a7r is not as bad as it is sometimes said), every time I change the lens I fear stuff will land on the sensor, I always try to optimise every single of those darn 36mp, I pixel peep the files and rant to myself about any small imperfection, then I produce punchy and contrasty landscapes that verge on the one-file HDR. When I read Soundimageplus’ post about the A7R I immediately understood what he meant: the a7r is a box–a clunky box I would add– around a sensor. But man, what a beauty that sensor is!
With the x100s I feel much more relaxed and tend to appreciate much more instinctive shooting and OOC files.

For the time being I would like to share some OOC JPGs I took of flowers, maybe not the most interesting of subject, granted, but still a good sentimental test for the camera. After years of works by my parents’ neighbours, who replaced a gorgeous strip of countryside with a parking lot, nearly destroying our property, the garden is finally going back to normal, and the flowers these days are in full bloom. Finally some colour instead of the building site we got used to in the past five years!

These are straight out of camera with some minor cropping applied in post. All shot with the Velvia preset, NR -2 Sharpening +2, auto ISO to 6400 (min shutter 1/100), aperture priority. All resized 50%.

Fujifilm x100s, f8, 1/220, ISO 200

Fujifilm x100s, f8, 1/150, ISO 200

Fujifilm x100s, f4, 1/900, ISO 200

Fujifilm x100s, f4, 1/250, ISO 200

Fujifilm x100s, f4, 1/210, ISO 200

Fujifilm x100s, f4, 1/180, ISO 200

Fujifilm x100s, f2.8, 1/320, ISO 200 (ND on I think)

Fujifilm x100s, f5.6, 1/105, ISO 200

Fujifilm x100s, f4, 1/280, ISO 200

Fujifilm x100s, f4, 1/480, ISO 200

Fujifilm x100s, f2.8, 1/450, ISO 200

Fujifilm x100s, f2, 1/100, ISO 1250, Proneg Hi preset

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