The sun, finally!!!!

Finally yesterday for a brief moment the sun was out. And I was on the Seven sisters taking hundreds of pictures with the A7R which, incidentally came back last week, finally! I am using almost exclusively the Zeiss 24-70 FE and so far I don’t understand all the complaints, I think it’s and incredible lens! Of course it’s a zoom, so it won’t be as good as a good prime but still with the wind yesterday and the rain today I wouldn’t have wanted to fiddle with changing lenses, also since the sensor has already shown to be rather prone to dust and blemishes….

Anyways in the meantime some more bland iphoneography. I have to say, I am impressed with the pano mode on the iPhone. It works really well! Much better than the swipe-pano mode on the A7R (but when I will stitch together the raws from the a7r I doubt there will be much competition…). I like panos and I like to be able to do them almost as snapshots!
The 7 sisters
Iphone 5s, auto panoramic mode

From Cuckmere Haven
Iphone 5s, auto panoramic mode
Iphone 5s, edited with Snapseed

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