The last coach

A couple of days ago I was lucky enough to be seated in the last coach of an InterCity Italian train, which meant I had access to a rear-facing glass door. Granted, it was very dirty, which limited my aperture options, but there was a dense fog in Veneto over the pianura Padana and I spent most of the time precariously balancing in front of that door.

Last coach of the train - 12

I can’t say that through that glass beauty could be seen. It was not even a matter of eeriness of the landscape due to the dense fog or the geometry of the vanishing points created by the rails.

Last coach of the train - 07
What fascinated me was to have a fleeting access to one of the non-spaces par excellence, a place that is never occupied nor owned nor lived.
Last coach of the train - 09

The railroad seemed to me to be a redoubling of the negation of space: not only it is not a lived space (such as a mall for instance), it is a space that is usually invisible from this perspective.

Last coach of the train - 06

One might see the landscape moving sideways from the window, but not escaping underneath, in its complexity and vanishing perspective.

Last coach of the train - 20

Back home I found it rather difficult to edit these photos and not only from a technical point of view (I am still not sure how much I like to balance the dullness and absence of contrast of the fog with the crisp and clear foreground I like to see in images).

Last coach of the train - 16

It was difficult especially in terms of choosing the keepers. I took about 200 pictures. I discarded 50 immediately for technicalities (shake, OOF, etc). The other 150 looked impressively identical to me. Yet each of them had some slight peculiarity that made me want to keep it.

Last coach of the train - 23

Maybe the tail light of a passing train, the silhouette of a disappearing bridge, a concealed graffiti or a pattern of poles and cables. 
Last coach of the train - 26

Of the 20ish I kept I made several versions of each, some to change crop from horizontal to vertical to square, others to see saturated and contrasty versions against de-sat and blurry ones, or B&W renders. 
Last coach of the train - 10

I found an incredible variety in a scenery that was actually pretty dull and featureless, and this confused me and also elated me.
Last coach of the train - 25
PS: Incidentally I am coming to appreciate the square format more and more… If I am good with divination I see in my near future a C330, but maybe after I get a couple more lenses for the A7R.

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