I started off the year with a very short walk around the Miramare park in Trieste, still carrying around my leg with crutches. Beautiful place, with a great light and the sun cheesily setting on the sea in front of the castle. Unfortunately I could not reach my favourite spot, Maximilian’s secret embarcadero. Soon though!

DSC02168-Edit copy
A7R, Zuiko OM 2.8/24, f5.6 (off the top of my head), 1/500, ISO 100, handheld but resting on a wall.

This might be the most photographed spot of the whole area. Gives a great perspective and a very atmospheric sea sun set. Shot RAW, developed in LR, perspective and distortion corrected in Photoshop CC and finalised with the usual unsharp mask, which BTW, I cannot for the life of me replicate anywhere else. The pictures I take that I don’t sharpen with UM in Photoshop just look dull to me. Anyway.

Don’t call me too lazy for the next one. I was comfortably sitting with the crutches far away and the statue was just behind a hedge. I did not really fancy moving and framing like a wise person would do, so I tried to give it a ‘concealed beauty’ look, peeping from behind a hedge. I am kind of satisfied with what I achieved:
DSC02157 copy
A7R, CZ 2/50 ZM, f4 (guess), 1/1000, ISO 100, Handheld

The next two amazed me when I edited them.

The first had a very very high contrast, with the sun setting on the sea with blown highlights and the terrace with the people being severely underexposed. But I had such a dynamic range in the raw that with little added noise I was able to retrieve both, without HDR:
A7R, CZ 2/50 ZM, f5.6 (guess), 1/640, ISO 100, handheld

The next is not especially good but I like the background. At the moment my longest lens is the 50mm Planar. Not even near to a telephoto. I might try to venture in the cheap 85 (maybe the Jupiter king of bokeh) or 135 (I think a CZ Jena DDR M42 would be the right choice) realm, but I will most certainly settle with the FE 70-200 f4 G when it is made available. So for the time being I am stuck with the 50 as a telephoto. Forcing APS-C mode though is a great way to have instant high quality crop. That plus quite some cropping in LR and this is the result:

DSC02160 copy
A7R, CZ 2/50, f11, 1/100, ISO 100, Handheld, APS-C mode on, heavily cropped

I might not be able to print it A3… but hey, it’s still a very respectable 6mp image!

Finally, back in time, same day, nice couple feeding pigeons and seagulls, again a difficult lighting condition with the blown out sky and the underexposed  foreground, masterfully managed by the dynamic range of the A7R. When I zoomed in on the seagulls I was amazed by how crisp the detail was.
DSC02133 copy
A7R, CZ 2/50, f4 (guess), 1/3200, ISO 100, handheld.

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