South Downs with A7R


South Downs, a set on Flickr.

Right, in spite of the sensor dust (which I duly blasted with blower + VisualDust swabs), I had a nice weekend of shooting in Queen Elizabeth Country Park, in the South Downs. All shot in raw, processed in Lightroom 5 and exported as quality 80 JPEGS. Great camera. In spite of what has been said focus peaking works great, of course it is not the definitive solution to focusing and, especially at wide apertures, magnifying to check is always a good idea. I got used to shutter noise after about 3 actuations. IQ wise: great, absolutely no shutter shock (as it was claimed). It was said that the high mp count would mean that any tiny movement would be perceived etc etc. True, but not terrible. Most of the pics here shot in either low light or close aperture (shutter 1/60-1/80) feature some signs of micro-movement. It is not terrible though as you can see! Enjoy!

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