Going Full Frame…

Just received the new Sony A7R, with Fotodiox Pro adapter and my two Zeiss ZM lenses (35/2 Biogon and 50/2 Planar).

Honestly, I’m stunned. I did not have much time to go out and about shooting, just got this:

35/2 ZM, f8, shot raw, very quickly processed in LR5. Just a tad concerned about corner sharpness with the biogon, nothing major, just worse than I expected.
Otherwise stunning. Honestly, coming from APS-C first and MFT then, I could not be more amazed by the sheer quality of shooting with a full frame. The camera does not make up for a bad photographer, but certainly it has an impact on the final quality of an image.

Will post more in the next few days.

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